Massage Therapy Serving Long Valley, Bedminster, Dover, Morristown and Surrounding Areas

Enjoy the Tension Release of Massage Therapy

Each of our highly trained massage therapists will customize each massage to the guest with your goals in mind. Massage Therapies contain elements of Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports, Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Reiki. Massage can help to reduce tension headaches, help with blood circulation to ease sore muscles, release energy throughout the body, reduce insomnia, counteract depression and anxiety, and stretch muscles to prevent injuries.

Whether you are from Chester, Long Valley, or Tewksbury – We can help Your Body Heal

A wonderful investment in your health. Treatments are recommended on a weekly to monthly basis dependent on each guest’s needs.


Balance Integrated Massage

60 min $85
Package of 3 (60 min) $230 (Savings of $25)
Package of 6 (60 min) $475 (Savings of $35)
80 min $110
Package of 3 (80 min) $305 (Savings of $25)
Package of 6 (80 min) $625 (Savings of $35)

** Custom packages available**

Balance Massage & Scrub Combination 90 min.  $155.00

Reduces tension, increases circulation, and promotes total relaxation and a better overall feeling.

Awaken Your Senses

60 min $95
80 min $120

The addition of Aromatherapy is a perfect remedy for many body in-balances including muscle tension, water retention, and toxin buildup.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 min $110
80 min $135

Helps with chronic pain patterns and tension that creates a painful environment within certain muscle groups. Great for ATHLETES!

Warm Bamboo Massage

80 min $135

Bamboo massage is a technique that incorporates bamboo stalks of different lengths to provide deep tissue work on a non invasive level. The massage promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, lymphatic drainage, and provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being!

Rock My World – Hot Stone Massage

80 min $135 
Package of 3 $380 (Savings of $25)
Package of 6 $775  (Savings of $35)

Basalt Stones deeply penetrate tight sore muscle groups and improve overall circulation and promote a deep sense of well-being. A wonderfully therapeutic and deeply relaxing treatment.

Baby on Board – Maternity Massage

60 min $90

Experience a massage that is therapeutic for the Mommy to be and relaxing for the baby to come. Wonderful for that aching lower back and tired feet!

*Mom to be can receive this massage during the second and third trimester, doctor’s note required*

Combine this massage with the Baby on Board facial for a wonderful day of relaxation! Custom packages available!

Executive Stress Release Therapy

45 min $60

Revitalize and de-stress yourself with a healing scalp, neck, and shoulder massage! Great pick me up after your work day or on your lunch break! Excellent for headache relief and neck tension.

Couples Massage with Sugar Scrub Infusion

20 min Steam | 60 min Massage $190

20 min Steam | 80 min Massage $240

Unwind with your favorite person with this new take on the “Couples Massage”! Experience an invigorating therapy by applying sugar scrub to each other’s bodies while enjoying our private steam room. The steam activates the properties of the sugar scrub that are then rinsed clean under our rainforest shower. Complete your service with our Balance Integrated Massage. Couples will enjoy a light snack and beverage service during their treatment.

All guests can reserve our steam room with any massage therapy. (Ask in Advance)
Steam Therapy is not recommended during pregnancy.