About Us


The story of the Balance Butterfly…

Elegant and beautiful, a butterfly is the essence and embodiment of both spiritual and physical growth. They are an inspiring representation of the cycle of life. In the beginning, there is much unknown in their world. Embracing new changes, the butterfly blossoms into a magnificent, colorful creature bringing its own beauty into the world.

At Balance Face and Body Wellness, we want all of our guests to embrace that same change. Entering our doors with a need for change; be it relief from muscle soreness, balancing skin or fulfilling all skin care needs. At Balance we want to help you achieve your long-term beauty and wellness goals. Let us help you transform you into the most beautifully Balanced Butterfly you can be.

Balance Face and Body Wellness is an elegant upscale Day Spa. We customize our services for each guest whether it’s for Facials, Rezenerate Facial, HydraFacial, Massages, Spray Tanning, Waxing, Lash Lifts and more.

Our services include a combination of science based skin care and cutting edge technology! Our passion and vision for each guest at Balance Face and Body Wellness is to provide you with innovative, results driven skincare. Our highly selected team of professional therapists looks forward to addressing all of your skincare needs, with a bit of European flavor and flare, while providing an environment that is soothing and warm for the mind, body, and spirit. Our exclusive menu of treatments and therapies contain a variety of designer esthetic cocktails and skin rejuvenating options that are combined to respect the body’s complex physiology. In combination with the latest in skin care technologies, Balance utilizes custom blends of the highest quality active natural ingredients with strikingly beneficial, scientifically developed compounds to create a beautiful blend of superior professional treatments that will transform the condition of your skin. Customized home care products will ensure the maintenance of your skin transformation between visits to Balance Face and Body Wellness. Results are often immediately visible and always unforgettable!

Each of our highly trained massage therapists will customize each massage to the guest with your goals in mind. Massage Therapies contain elements of Swedish, Deep tissue, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Pre-Natal, Reiki, and many more. Massages can help to reduce tension headaches, help with blood circulation to ease sore muscles, release energy throughout the body, reduce insomnia, counteract depression and anxiety, and stretch muscles to prevent injuries.