At Balance we offer an amazing selection of massage choices. Our amazing massage therapist will send you home in bliss.Ā 


Balance Signature Massage

50 min. $95 /80 min $120

Reduces tension, increases circulation, & promotes total relaxation for better overall feeling.

Executive Stress Release Massage

45 min. $70

Targeted massage of what ever ails you.

Awaken Your Senses Massage

50 min. $110/ 80 min. $130

The addition of aromatherapy is a perfect remedy for many body imbalances, including muscle tension, water retention and toxin buildup.

Rock My World (Hot Stone) Massage

80 min. $ 140

Basalt stones deeply penetrate tight sore muscle groups, improves overall circulation, and promotes a deep sense of well-being. A wonderfully therapeutic and deeply relaxing treatment.

50 mi. $120

Deep Tissue MassageĀ 

60 min. $120 / 80 min. $140

Helps with chronic pain patterns and tension that creates a painful environment within certain muscle groups. GREAT FOR ATHLETES.

Baby On Board – Maternity Massage

50 min. $95

Experience a massage that is therapeutic for the mommy to be and relaxing for the baby to come. Wonderful for that aching lower back and tired feet. “Mom” to be can receive this massage during the second and third trimester. *Doctor’s note is required.

Couples MassageĀ 

60 min. $190 / 80 min. $225/Ā 60 min. with Sugar Scrub Infusion $200

Enjoy our Balance Signature Massage as a couple.

Myofascial Release/Cupping Massage

50 min. $130

Alternative massage therapy to treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood lymphatic circulation, and stimulating stretch relax in muscles. *Rumor has it, also great in a treatment series for cellulite.


30 min. $50

Works on pressure point to relive plantar fasciitis, energy levels, circulation, and toxin removal.

30 min. hands or feet.

Balance Massage + Scrub Combo

90 min. $160

Enjoy our 60 min. of our balance signature massage with a 30 min. add on of our signature homemade body scrub.

CBD Massage</span/h4>

60 min. $120 80 min $145

CBD oil works with your body to regulate stress, sleep, appetite, tension & much more. When incorporated with massage it offers incredible benefits without causing a “high” that is rumored to be associated with CBD Oil.

Mini Massage

30 min $55

Pre-Natal Facial + Massage Combo $155.00


Aromatherapy – $30
Deep Tissue – $30
CBD Oil – $25
BioTone – $25