Body Waxing Information and Tips

Our estheticians ensure to protect the elasticity and health of the skin. Our waxing services are comfortable and results-oriented.

Balance Face + Body Wellness carries Hard Wax. Hard Wax is known for its semi-pain free service.. Whether a Brow or a Brazilian, you can be sure you are receiving the best service with the best products! While no wax experience is ever completely pain free, but we will ensure a clean, smooth, irritation-free service!

Waxing is a form of semi-permanent removal of hair from the root. Your Waxing appointments can range from 3-6 weeks apart depending on the cycle of your hair growth. Almost any area of the body can be waxed with our wax.

air grows in cycles. It is best you do not shave in between waxing treatments. To prevent any ingrown hairs and to keep your hair an equal growth we always suggest to exfoliate. Shaving in between waxing treatments will prevent a smooth, clean wax. Dead skin buildup is the cause of ingrown hairs. Continued exfoliation helps prevent the hair from being trapped underneath the skin. Start exfoliating 2 or 3 days after waxing with our estheticians recommendations the best exfoliation method for you.

What should I do before I go for a waxing service?
• Exfoliate before your wax. Use gentle, circular motions in the direction of hair growth. This helps lift the hair off the skin making the waxing treatment more effective.
• Do not apply lotion/moisturizer/oil before your wax.
• Wear loose clothing. Tight clothing can be irritating.
• If you shave regularly we advise to wait about 2 weeks prior to waxing; hair should be about 1/4 -1 / 2 inch long.

What should I do after my waxing treatment?
• Do not go in the sun, Avoid ultraviolet light.
• If doing an underarm waxing treatment, do not use deodorant.
• Do not do chemical peels one week after your waxing treatment.
• When doing a facial wax, avoid perfumes and cosmetics.
• Avoid exercise as sweating and oils can clog the pores and disrupt the healing process.
• Take lukewarm showers and baths, as heat can cause more irritation to where the waxing treatment was done.

At Balance We Provide Full Body Waxing!

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