Study on twins who took care of their skin vs. those who didn’t

skin care twinsTwins are “genetically programmed’’ to age the same way. The pictures above show us how environmental and lifestyle factors result in premature aging. The twins on the left had more sun exposure, may have smoked and did not properly take care of their skin.

An estimated 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun. People who use a broad spectrum sunscreen, formulated with antioxidants with an SPF of 30 % or higher daily, show 24% less skin aging than those who do not use sunscreen daily, says the Sunscreens built in to skin care products such as moisturizers and foundations are not enough to fully protect your skin. You need seven times the normal amount of foundation and 14 times the normal amount of powder to get the sun protection factor on the label.

Some tips on keeping your skin from premature aging include:

1. Broad Spectrum SPF formulated with antioxidants to not only protect, but strength the skin

2. Getting spray tans

3. Wear a floppy hat when outside for long periods of time

4. Sunglasses to protect the sensitive, thinnest skin on the face; think crows feet

5. Getting monthly facials to keep the skin clean, exfoliated, healthy and moisturized

6. The summer is not a time to stop getting monthly facials; people often times believe that because of the increased oiliness, their skin is hydrated. The fact is your skin may be oilier but hydration is key. The more dehydrated and dry your skin, the quicker it will wrinkle (think of raisins compared to grapes).

7. The Estheticians at Balance each have over 10 years’ experience in skin care. They can guide you to a regimen to prevent further damage or correct current conditions. Even if you feel that it is too late for you, it is possible to prevent further damage.

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